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Last night, after a rewarding and happy dinner with the Queen of Stuff, birthday girl supreme, I went off to bed and had the oddest dream...

In my dream, I was at some kind of hotel by the pool, but it was all dark and abandoned. And these strange people in trenchcoats and silly hats were skulking around. In a corner of the patio were a couple of other, slightly different trenchcoat-clad people--more sort of gutterpunk-hippies,and the skulkers jumped at them and demanded in a bad German accent, "All right, you undisciplined hippies, tell us, and tell us now! Explain to us how Planck's Law works!!"

How the heck did I come up with THAT? Even now I'm digesting what Wikipedia tells me about Planck's law: In physics, Planck's law describes the spectral radiance of unpolarized electromagnetic radiation at all wavelengths emitted from a black body at absolute temper ature T. As a function of frequency ν, Planck's law is written as:[1][2] I(\nu,T) =\frac{ 2 h\nu^{3}}{c^2}\frac{1}{ e^{\frac{h\nu}{kT}}-1}.

And of course, as an art-geek, I hadn't the first idea, and neither did my poor protagonists in the dream. So they, and I, hedged:
"Well, Planck was doing this awesome research about the depths of the deepest deepness, like, you know? and The Man was totally not down with that, and Planck was all frustrated because he'd found, like, the key to finding oblivion, you know? And all his friends were coming around, going, "Maaaaan, that's so whack that they're down on you for that fine equation! So they tagged a bunch of subway walls with Planck's Law until the people let it soak into their brains, right?" And they pointed out a big graffito with a hazy equation and a painted face underneath, staring off into blackness...

I only remember the dream because I woke to the downstairs fire alarm again--my very nice neighbor had scorched a pizza, and was frantically trying to let the smoke out before it woke me. I was assured everything was okay, and toddled back to bed, wondering how the hell I'd come up with Planck's Law and how much more stealth-physics I had in my poor, long-suffering brain...
I'm still a little impressed...
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...Even though I'm more and more mobile these days after the surgical stuff, my friends keep up a concerted barrage of Really Good Food. Yesterday some friends of mine tooke me with them to Jun-bo for dim sum, and the Pink Satan had a *heavy* bag full of braised beef in wine sauce, 13-bean soup and mashed potatoes and parsnips. Maaaan, I feel pretty special. When I'm all the way better I should try to have some kind of thank-you cooking thing for people for all their culinary kindness...I mean, it's only fair...

Otherwise been avoiding the news except for bits and pieces. Everything I hear these days just makes me feel more and more ashamed and sickened. It makes a big part of me yell, "WHY, you bozos, WHY do you have to trash everything in sight and then try these lame-ass attemtps at CYA and let everything go to hell while you're at it?!?!" There's been so much damage now...the genie's never going back in the bottle, no matter who we elect in November and the years following. We can only try to keep things from getting that much worse...and that hasn't been working so hot these last few years:/

I did have a cool dream the other night though, politics aside...I was back at work (after the first part of the dream being late and having no shoes and a massively screwed up uniform) and ran into Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations fame. We were talking about cool hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese restaurants on Nicollet when I woke up. I haven't had that cool a dream in a while...though my dreams lately have been, er, interesting. Things like:

People in crab suits playing some kind of weird football...that would be the post-surgical painkillers, methinks.
Why-aren't-I-at-work dreams.
Knitting flights of fancy dreams, after reading too many yarn catalogs.
Dreaming about being in some kind of pain to waking up to some kind of pain. Happily that's going away.
Tim-Burton-Movie-Marathon-Aftermath dreams...lots of spiraly plants and black and white and grey, with Danny Elfman soundtracks...
Bros. Quay and Jan Svankmeyer movie-aftermath really don't wanna go there. Yikes...
Pizza-Luce and Homemade cookie-aftermath dreams...should the pepperoni be dancing like that?

But, you get the idea...What are you dreaming about lately? Everybody seems to be dreaming kind of hard these last few weeks...

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