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...My stamina is coming back to me very slooooooooowly...I'm walking around a little bit today, but it's not bad. I'm just kinda pokey. At least the other guards have volunteered to chase down anybody bad while I just throw my radio a them or something. (I have a wicked throw from tossing stuff into the garbage from the couch during my convalescence.)

And for my breaks I have Pocky to sustain me. I can't go wrong:)
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...Not bad, mind you...just weird...
*eats lovely leisurely breakfast*

I just hope they remembered to take me off the schedule this weekend. Captain Emily had to fix all kinds of snafus when they accidentally had me listed as "on" last week--the week they knew for dead sure that I wouldn't be able to even hobble in. I know I told the right people what they needed to know and whatnot, but part of me still worries about Playing Hooky--even with the great big incision. (Which is healing nicely. Yay me!)

Mm, more breakfast for me...
*snarf snarf snarf*
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...I'm back in the cawfeeshop, drinking vitamins and goofing on the computer. I'm told someone should be calling me back about getting broadband at home soon:) Yay me...

Otherwise I'm enjoying the time off from work, sitting in the sun and playing with yarn. I'm still sore in places and not particularly speedy, though...but I cleaned my apartment a bit today. Tired me out a little, but it was the happy warm tired of accomplishment and freedom from onion peels and apple cores. It helps I've been scaling down the Maushaus garbage to the 10-lbs and under the docs recommended for me these days. (And that my friends have been kind enough to grab the garbage on the way out. Now *that's* love, I tell ya...) My life has been pretty quiet, filled with the occasional creative burst and the occasional long nap. I love naps so much right now...I know it's gonna be really hard when I go back to work and have to forgo all the snoozing. (Well, maybe I can catch a nod or two in the locker room couch with the dairy cow cushions. Moooo!)
I'm shooting for October 11 for my first day at work again. (I'll have the docs checking me out the Monday before so they can go, "yea" or "Nay--back to being a lady of lesiure, you!") Which wouldn't suck, but I need to keep the moneys rolling in to pay for rent and bills and ice cream and obscure occult grimoires...

But so far, looks like it's all going to be okay...
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...I'm hanging out at the coffee shop on the ground floor of my apartment complex. It feels good to be out a little bit, and it's close enough that I don't get too tired. I'm still working on healing up from things, so this is a big concern. I still bully myself to go to the corner store and back...slooooooowly. I kind of envy all the people walking quickly or running or skipping along...I just have to keep telling myself I'll get there, it just takes time...

Meanwhile, the friends keep coming by in droves. The Synergists visited me this Saturday, bearing Mama Freekee's cookies and all kinds of friendly goodness. (The cookies are awesome, by the way--I feel better already. Hospitals should have homemade cookies; people would recover that much more quickly:) Captain Emily is coming by later today, and this weekend the other members of the Oak Grove Coven stopped in and ate chocolate and picked up their mutated Gothic Babydolls. (I have two more drying upstairs. Ahhh, self-imposed art therapy!)

I'm also getting a LOT of knitting done with my downtime. I've been trying to get the old not-quite done projects out of the way, but keep starting new ones. I'm working on a Tim-Burtony hat in black and grey right now, and finished a big fully pruple and grey Dr. Suess-ish sort of scarf to match the mittens I was working on in the hospital. It's good that I have projects that keep my little brain from getting too stir-crazy. Two more weeks of this downtime from workies to go...and now that I'm out of the "Ow--quit it! Ow! Quit it" part I can enjoy it more:)

...So there you are:)

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