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...It's a good night, if a little ominously cloudy. I'm just hanging out with Morgan and the Queen of Stuff, catching up on the gossip and watching Morgan practice her Kanji. (She's currently working on "Ear" which is a little more complex than "Eye", her last noun.) "I wish I could learn Japanese faster; there's this pop song stuck in my head I can't translate and it's driving me nuts." Says Morgan. The Queen of Stuff just drew this fascinating porkchop on a stage in crayon auditioning for the part of Hamlet. She is so very very cool...

And me? Knitting. I finished the Gothy doll and gave it to's a big big hit:) This makes me very proud. I think it's the Eddie Izzard coat I made him that really made it all come together...

I'm also thinking about getting a copy of Howl's Moving Castle...I'm jonesing badly. Morgan offered to rent it for me at the local video store since I'm not quite up to going that far yet. I told her no, I'd just clutch the dvd and scream, "Nooooo, it's MIIIINE, leeemee ALOOONE!" This means I need to buy my own copy:P

Anyway, off to go home and rest and eat apple pie someone brought me. I'm up to my eyebrows in sweets...again...I say it like it's a bad thing...

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