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You know what? My new drum-carder is...amazing. It really does make a *big* difference in the quality of my mixing. Hand-carders are great, but this is

And I was going to show you, but my last two attempts have been thwarted by LJ. I tried downloading pictures, and all it would show me was the Sad Goat, and the "Try Again Later" message. Humph. I do promise cool pictures of the drum-carder in action...when LJ will let me post them. Double humph.
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Guess what, you guys?

*deep breath*
I ordered a drum-carder for all my wool needs. Yes, soon I will be able to take whole fleeces and card them into beautiful batts of gorgeousness, ready to spin! It's a biggish purchase, so I've been putting it off for a long time. But I went to a very nice lady in Coon Rapids who talked me through the kinds of carders that would suit my needs...and it should arrive next week. Exciting stuff, I tellya!

I can hardly wait. I already have a *lot* of alpaca wool that is just too much for hand-carders. Also, Cheryl and Cassandra, the ladies who run Pi Hollow Rabbitry have an entire two pounds of angora for me. Two pounds! I've been knitting up some angora mittens for both of them to say thank you. I am just dying to see how things will go with some new equipment to play with...

*rubs hands together*

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Today's been a really good downtime day...I washed up the dishes, swept floors, did maid-service for the Bunneh, but mostly I gave my Kiwi spinning wheel, Little Sister, a spiffy new paint job...

Heh, this picture is so fresh that the streaks on the treadle are from the varnish not quite being dry yet. She turned out really beautiful!
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I seem to have sold some more yarn in the Etsy shop. To Australia--again. Terrible, terrible thing. Because now I have to make more yarn, see. Let's see, wherever will I get the fluff for all the pretty, pretty spinning I have to do?...

*Reaches into ginormous bag of fluff, absconded with from Shepherd's Harvest*

Heh. Heeeeehhehheh. HehhehbWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

*And the noises coming from the Rainy-Day Craftroom are more than a little frightening...*
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I'm a little pleased and a little startled at the same time by the new glo-lite thing I bought to keep the pretty little solar lights company. I bought it to be a smart-ass, since I was getting jokes about making the back yard look like an Avatar set. It's really neat, just really, I'll have to see if I can get a good picture of it in the dark.

Otherwise things are swell. I keep getting cleaned out of all my Gothy-goth-goth yarns at my Etsy shop. The Zombie Prom Dress yarn I had up only lasted two days. Two days, people! And the more recent Bathory is out the door too now. Which means I must buckle down seriously and make more, more yarns of the dark and the spooky. which will make me giggle maniacally while treadling, and there will be scary music playing, and Shamu the Bunneh will frolic around the wheel while I'm working, because he's weird like that. Must...make...more!!!

I just have to get through the long Thursday first...
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It's been a hectic sort of day. I was up early, taking photos for my Etsy shop. (Some turned out darker than I'd like; I'll have to re-take them when I get home.) But last night was lots of fun; I had Fleur over to have tea and play with Hester, my spinning wheel. Matt stopped by too and brought lemon pound-cake, bless his heart... Between the cake, the fluff and putting tiny seeds in little-bitty pots, we had a really good time...

Now I'm off to finish the day in my clip-on tie, then go home and get some more fluff-obsession out of my little head...
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I went to Whispering Oaks Alpaca farm today to pet things and buy roving and whatnot. Matthew took incriminating pictures of me smootching an alpaca while I was there...hey, the alpaca started it!! He was such a friendly little guy with big brown eyes, and when I was petting his neck he leaned in for a kiss. The farmer he belongs to kinda chuckled about it. "He's the really nice one, keep on smootching people when we take him out to shows and classes and stuff."

Actually I got to pet the alpacas, a horse, two dogs, and lots of knit stuff. I didn't pet any cats; they were too busy hiding from one of the toddlers running around. I ended up with about a half-pound of beautiful dark faun/grey roving that begs to be a sweater. I couldn't stop petting it all the time I was shopping. (Though I'm tempted to sell some of the finished spinning on Ebay, just to see how it goes. I can always get more of those colors, pretty much anytime, they tell me.) It's kind of sweet to have met the animals I'm spinning from:)

Now I'm full of dim sum and have a huge bag of fluffy fibers to play with. Life is awfully good right now...

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