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Ben and Peaty's wedding was absolutely beautiful. We all kept tearing up during the ceremony. Just before the whole wedding party got to sobbing with joy Vera the goat would do something funny,like eating her corsage. Ben and Peaty handfasted with a small black knitted scarf I made for them years ago, and then Aaron and I held the broom as they jumped it... It was wonderful.

And later, the reception was just so good. I got to see tons of people I hadn't seen in a long time, and we feasted on all kinds of food and drink. (Ben had made special wedding beer and mead, and it was the hit of the party.) There was live music, and a brief rainstorm, and candles in mason jars. There were many, many happy people all hugging the boys and celebrating their union. There were tons of mosquitoes legs are pretty well bitten up, but it was worth it. I'm tired, too, and there's a fair bit of cleanup waiting for me later today. I have a mutton leg in my freezer and a huge amount of couscous in my fridge. My house is full of flowers. I am very very happy...I didn't take many pictures since I was in the wedding party, but Matt took some and posted them this morning. The Queen of Stuff also took many, many photos here. There's more to come later, when the other photographers get around to sending us all copies:)

The boys are just glowing, even tired as they are this morning. I love them so much...Weddings are good,good things...*siiiiigh*

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