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After a really nice night hanging out with Matt and Ben the Neighbor, I went to bed early and had the greatest dream. I dreamed I'd set the table for some kind of dinner, and my friends and I hear this crash outside. We all go to the windows, and through the mist we see some kind of huge serpentine thing made of railroad cars, crashing through the backyard. We see the tail section, hammered and welded into the shape of a dragon tail, smashing cars and trees as the giant--puppet? Robot? Junkyard-Transformer?--crashes away. I woke up with a start, thinking, "How the hell did I come up with THAT?! Coolest dream EVER!"

Okay, it probably helped I was reading a back issue of Fortean Times before bed. But still!
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Mcohenmn has sent me the link to the coolest,most fabulous raft I have seen in my entire life...bouncy castle!!

See the grandness, right here!

I'm thinking Shamu the Bunneh would help me paddle. He must be included since he loves bouncy castles. Could I get it to the lock and dam before going over the St. Anthony Falls? Um...probably not, but--but--BOUNCY CASTLE RAFT, YOU GUYS!!!
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The wind is really kicking up outside. It reminds me a bit of yesterday at rush hour, when I was on the bus going home...It was *exactly* like my tornado dreams--dark green sky, storming, water rushing everywhere, winds howling, everybody freaking out around me...the only thing missing was the actual tornado. I don't *think* we're getting any more of that tonight, who knows?

Meanwhile, I've been invited to a night out at Moscow on the Hill, where I can use the time-honored traditional cold remedy of piroshki and tons of cherry vodka... I'm not usually a heavy drinker, but Moscow on the Hill pretty much guarantees sloshdom, whether you want it or not.
This makes me think of other time-honored cold remedies I've been taught over the years. Everything from a bottle of slivovitz to drinking as much water and vitamin C as possible,to raw cloves of garlic eaten whole, (Owwwwww...) to Matthew's Genetically-inspired chicken-soup recipe.
(It has been pointed out by both Matthew and Spellcheck that "Recipe" is the proper spelling for recipie. I think the other spelling looks incredibly wrong. Dammit, "Recipie" has PIE in it, so that should be the proper spelling. Right? Right?!?!? *sigh* I hate it when I misspell things...)

Anyway, this while topic begs the question: What's your favorite cold cure? I can't help but be curious. If it isn't disgusting or involving roasted newt in a glass of boiling water, I'll probably give it a try at some point...

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