Mar. 20th, 2013

msfledermaus: (Mausi with bag)
It's been really fun reading this awful, dirty, dirty book and having my cow-irkers dissecting it while I blather on. It's been prompting some pretty hilarious discussions. Here's my notes from the last couple of chapters I managed to choke down before bed last night...

"Ready for more fun with Fifty Shades of Awful? No, me neither--I read a bunch of chapters last night, and my brain felt like I'd been stuffing myself with marshmallow peeps. The Story So Far: There was a laughably bad coffee date, more stalkery behavior, and the lady fair won the Beloved Creeper's heart by getting blitzed and puking all over herself. Also, every time the heroine says, "Oh my!" I hear George Takei saying it--which is the only way I made it through chapters 3-6..."

"Aaaand still more brain-goop from 50 Shades of Awful: I'm up to the part where there's an exciting helicopter ride to some secluded mansion, where I'm guessing no one will ever see Ms. Flubsy ever again, except with a nice chianti and some fava beans. Dear Gods, why do I do this to myself? Because it makes you laugh, dear reader...because it makes you laugh. Now I must read some nice Michael Pollan to exorcise the stupid from my brains..."

Someone also managed to send me a Youtube video of George Takei reading parts of the book, and..."ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy!" Utterly delicious...

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