Mar. 24th, 2013

msfledermaus: (Mausi with bag)
I managed to cram in another installment of 50 Shades of Murky, Nasty Manipulation...Now Creeper and Miss Flubsy are having dinner with the Creeper's parental units, and uncool boundaries are being stomped right over, right in front of the 'rents. Then there's a scene in the boathouse that just makes me want to gouge my eyes out. It makes me want to form a posse comprised of Dan Savage, Robert Pattinson and Ozzy Osbourne to go have a "word" with the confused young man...and by "word" I mean, "A severe beating with hardcover copies of "The Gift Of Fear" and my old abnormal psychology textbook.
And while Ozzy and Robert are kicking the crap out of Christian, Dan can be in the background, yelling, "Consensual behavior is not consensual anymore when you're physically coerced, you dumb-ass! No means no! Including your family in your snide little games is WAY across the line! Miss Flubsy, You gotta DTMFA!"

And I decided my backup book is going to be "Small Sacrifices" by Ann Rule. Why am I picking out another book about terrible, nasty manipulative behavior to get away from the first one? Mostly because the villain is female, so I can get away from the "stupid little wimmins don't know their mind" crap. And there's a little bit of a happy ending, sort of. Maybe I should find something happier, like any Alan Moore book ever written...

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