May. 28th, 2013 06:52 pm
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Man...things got away from me yet again, and I neglected my poor LJ account. Shameful. No excuses, except maybe the Russian Overlords keep giving me credits every time it goes down. I may never have to pay for my account again at this rate...

But I miss LJ. I miss it a lot. So, I'll just keep things small and re-teach myself to post here again, and then start throwing in random rabbit photos and such. I think this is doable.

Anywayyyyy...how's things?
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Happy Mayday, everybody! I'm celebrating today by snuggling down at home, avoiding the probably-snow we're supposed to be getting and making more gutmonsters. I think there's a hot cup of tea and a nap in there somewhere, too. Anyway, later this week is the Mayday Parade, and I think things should be warmer and happier by then...

*flings a huge Maybasket in your general direction*

Happy Spring!


Apr. 26th, 2013 08:40 am
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Hello again...

Sorry I haven't been up to much here lately. I'm just very putterly lately, lots of little projects that need doing. I have some cool pictures, though. I made a series of fun gutmonsters for a coworker, and they were a huge hit...gutmonsters

I really need to make more, because gutmonsters are cool...
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Lessee if they Russian Overlords have figured out what's wrong with their photography problems...Shamu 2013 001

Hah! Internet Bunneh is successful! Wooooo!
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To help us all celebrate the happy event of Easter I present Shamu the Bunneh with a hat...this year, even though he wanted very much to be elected Pope, Shamu was turned down by the Vatican. So he vented his frustration by trying to eat the tiny Pope hat I made for him. I keep comforting him by telling him, "You know, critter-varmint, you have it much better being the tiny dictator of our Castle Greyskull."...

He's not at all sure Rome wouldn't be more opulent for him. But as long as I keep petting his cute ears and shovelling dried papaya into his tiny gullet, I think he'll put up with where he is...

*edit* Looks like LJ won't let me upload the photo. Humph. Whyyyyy, oh Russian Overlords? Whyyyyy?
The world needs pictures of a rabbit eating a Pope hat, dammit!
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I finally hacked through the last chapters last night...and I feel such great relief. I really love a good bad book, but man, this barely had enough funny bits to keep me going. Yeah, the writing was awful, but after a while the very, very purple prose got dull.Really dull. Painfully, terribly dull. But anyway, here's my end-of-story review of Fifty Shades of Grey, read by me so you don't have to...ever.

"Hurray! I'm getting close to the end of 50 Shades of Uck! Today's installment: Miss Flubsy runs off to Georgia to visit her folks and get some distance on her scary, emotionally and somewhat physically abusive relationship...the first smart thing, I might add, that she's done in this book. So of course you don't need me to tell you what happens, do you? Of course not--but I will anyway! The creeper shows up, unannounced and uninvited, as usual, at her stepdad's country club. On his private jet! You know, I'm thinking since Creeper Gray is acting like an actual cartoony Super-Villain, he may as well go all the way, with a volcano-lair and a horde of ninjoid minions. He's pretty much there anyway; may as well go big or go home, am I right?"

"Hey people! I finally finished that awful, terrible book, 50 Shades of Awful!
The last chapter was especially annoying--After finally getting it through her thick, thick skull that maybe it was a bad idea to keep dating Mr Creeper, Miss Flubsy finally breaks things off after the Creeper yet again does things she's not okay with. The leaving is fairly weak, but at this point we'll all have to take what we can get, and it's more than I expected from Miss Marshmallow-Brain. But the rest of the whole chapter is apparently a huge setup for Book Number Two...Arrrrgh!! *slams head against desk over and over and over* Sorry, folks--I'm not doing book two OR three, and nobody can make me!! Hah! But if you can think of another bad book you want me to blather about, tell me in the comments, and I'll give it a try!"

I have to say, much as I hated the book, I did have fun writing my little book reports. Heh...
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I managed to cram in another installment of 50 Shades of Murky, Nasty Manipulation...Now Creeper and Miss Flubsy are having dinner with the Creeper's parental units, and uncool boundaries are being stomped right over, right in front of the 'rents. Then there's a scene in the boathouse that just makes me want to gouge my eyes out. It makes me want to form a posse comprised of Dan Savage, Robert Pattinson and Ozzy Osbourne to go have a "word" with the confused young man...and by "word" I mean, "A severe beating with hardcover copies of "The Gift Of Fear" and my old abnormal psychology textbook.
And while Ozzy and Robert are kicking the crap out of Christian, Dan can be in the background, yelling, "Consensual behavior is not consensual anymore when you're physically coerced, you dumb-ass! No means no! Including your family in your snide little games is WAY across the line! Miss Flubsy, You gotta DTMFA!"

And I decided my backup book is going to be "Small Sacrifices" by Ann Rule. Why am I picking out another book about terrible, nasty manipulative behavior to get away from the first one? Mostly because the villain is female, so I can get away from the "stupid little wimmins don't know their mind" crap. And there's a little bit of a happy ending, sort of. Maybe I should find something happier, like any Alan Moore book ever written...
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In my newest installment of my review of Fifty Shades of Urk, Creeper Grey gives a pretty red car to his lady love, Miss Flubsy. But even when giving an awesome present, Creeper can't help but be a total and complete dick about it. He's all, 'Your car is horrible and unsafe. I'm giving you a new one so you don't die or something, and I don't care that you love that stupid piece of garbage...' Now, if I had my way in this plot, this is where Miss Flubsy turns him down with, "Alas, oh stalkery swain, I prefer my humble Beetle to your red chick-magnet car, not least because I pimped it out with nitro and added lasers, buzzsaws and robot-treads for rough terrain! I cribbed some notes while watching TankGirl the other night...now get lost!"

Really, I'm starting to picture these long, drawn-out chase scenes and explosions and drunken-monkey boxing segments just to get through this horribleness. And I've finished my Michael Pollan book! I need another smart book to boost me through! Someone, anyone, please recommend something for me, because obviously I can't be trusted, since I'm reading Fifty Shades of Grey of my own free will!
*Fret fret fret*
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Yeeees, I'm still going with this horrible, squicky thing. I'm a little proud I got this far, though it's been in small installments balanced out with Michael Pollan's "Omnivore's dilemma" to chase out the stupider bits. I present to you yesterday's posting...

"Today's shot of squick from 50 Shades of Awful: Creeper Grey gives Miss Flubsy a big, long,manipulative, sinister contract to sign. You know, so she knows he won't hurt her. Because the nice piece of legally unenforceable paper says so. And then when Flubsy starts going, "Um...I don't think this is my bag" Creeper gets all stalkery again, because he never got the "No means No" memo from all us womenfolk. I know this is supposed to be sort of a Beauty and the Beast kind of thing, but it only works if the Beast is actually a human being inside. Otherwise, you get the Werewolf story, which has a very different ending. So I started adding extra bits of plot while I was reading, like, "And then she said, "Sorry, I'm not available this weekend, I'm helping my brother show off his army of killer robotic toys. Don't call me, I'll call you. Or not..."

And then there's this morning's post, after a late-night cram session which probably wasn't the best idea...

"Even though I'm still exhausted from last nights shift at the Jade Mines, where several Ghost Busters ran past me with blinky lights, I have a new installment of Fifty Shades of Cringe for you. The Story So Far: Miss Flubsy graduates from college, where Creepy McCreeper improbably charms the socks off her dad. Then there's lots of back and forth emailing with smiley faces and everything. Then some more manipulative crap that makes Miss Flubsy a quivering mass of confused protoplasm. So far my favorite quote besides, "Oh Myyyyy" in this horrible book is Creeper taking Miss Flubsy's hand off his chest. "Why don't you want me to touch you?" she asks poignantly. "Because I'm fifty shades of messed up." Creeper replies. I could almost hear the rim-shot in my head. Ugh..."

I really hope there's more inadvertent funny bits coming up, because there's only so much I can take, and I'm almost finished with the Smart Book I was reading to help my brain recover. *whimper*
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It's been really fun reading this awful, dirty, dirty book and having my cow-irkers dissecting it while I blather on. It's been prompting some pretty hilarious discussions. Here's my notes from the last couple of chapters I managed to choke down before bed last night...

"Ready for more fun with Fifty Shades of Awful? No, me neither--I read a bunch of chapters last night, and my brain felt like I'd been stuffing myself with marshmallow peeps. The Story So Far: There was a laughably bad coffee date, more stalkery behavior, and the lady fair won the Beloved Creeper's heart by getting blitzed and puking all over herself. Also, every time the heroine says, "Oh my!" I hear George Takei saying it--which is the only way I made it through chapters 3-6..."

"Aaaand still more brain-goop from 50 Shades of Awful: I'm up to the part where there's an exciting helicopter ride to some secluded mansion, where I'm guessing no one will ever see Ms. Flubsy ever again, except with a nice chianti and some fava beans. Dear Gods, why do I do this to myself? Because it makes you laugh, dear reader...because it makes you laugh. Now I must read some nice Michael Pollan to exorcise the stupid from my brains..."

Someone also managed to send me a Youtube video of George Takei reading parts of the book, and..."ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy!" Utterly delicious...
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I started goofing around with an online as-I-read-it review of 50 Shades of Gray. I love, LOVE to read bad books, and I started this on Facebook for a lark. But my coworkers kept running up to me demanding I keep going, because they didn't want to read it themselves but were curious. I read the Goodreads review with all the hilarious GIFS, so I knew going in it was going to be a bumpy ride...

"It's wicked cold out today, and to keep us warm I will be reviewing sections of 50 Shades of Gray as I read it, since a coworker was kind enough to lend it to me. (She knows I adore horrible books, and couldn't hand that sucker over fast enough.) Chapter one: Good heavens, if I was a scary type-A business type, I couldn't get rid of Clumsy Miss Steele fast enough. Then I'd console myself by having a sushi lunch balanced precariously on the backs of my interns. Then maybe I'd kill an endangered species with my bare hands for dinner. Erm...why do people like this guy?"

And Chapter Two:
"Time for more fun with "50 Shades of Buh", my as-I-read-it book review...Chapter Two: Okay, Patrick Bateman/Christian Grey just met Miss Fumbly, and he's already stalking her at the hardware store where she works.Ewwww... Now I'm already writing a satire version of this book in my head: "50 Shades of Metallic-Gray" where Miss Steele is the little sister of Dr. Phineas Waldorf Steel, crazed musician and inventor, and she works at the hardware store so she gets discounts on robot parts... Chapter two, people, and I'm already making up better plots! Not good, people!"

More soon, just as soon as I can hack through more chapters. When my brain gets too full of horribleness, I'll switch over to "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan to save my sanity...
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My little online shop has been picking up a bit, which is nice. It was dead as a doornail for a while, but now I've got a couple of orders of custom yarn to fill, which makes me very happy. Yesterday I was chain-plying some black and browns with bits of silk and shredded silk ribbon for a cowl someone wants to make. Now that's finished, I have time to spin up some soft blues and chocolate together for a baby-blanket yarn someone wants. It's satisfying stuff, I tellya...

Otherwise, things are fine. I keep having dreams about the Island. I miss it a lot. But my new neighborhood has it's charms, and the new place feels more and more like home. Shamu the Wee Orca has been helping, lolloping down the hallway and back again to claim it as his own. It's fun to watch him do his funky little dance down the hallway rug...I never get tired of it.

So, there you are...


Dec. 25th, 2012 09:16 am
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I've just been thinking about all the changes that went through in the past year, from last Christmas to this one. Huge changes. But very good ones. My life is very different, but very happy.

Merry Gothmas, everybody...and a very happy New Year.

*blows kiss*
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I was off to the Heights theatre yesterday to see The Hobbit. I grew up reading The Hobbit, so it's one of my favorite books, and I quailed a bit when critics said there were changes. Lots of changes. But I ended up enjoying it quite a bit. Here are some quick thoughts, and a spoiler alert, since I enjoy babbling about this sort of thing and only later will go, "Oops, I really should have shut up about that plot twist and all. Sorrrrrryyyyyyy..."

-They definitely cast the right Bilbo Baggins, and it was nice to see a happy Frodo hanging around like a goofy teenager, nibbling things and going off to romp in the daisies. It was a lovely, touching moment.

-The dwarves surprised me, in a good way. I'm used to the dwarves being basically comic in just about everything I've seen them in, but this time they really showed well how huge and intimidating they would be to a Hobbit. They were fierce, and rowdy, and damned if they weren't the handsomest dwarves I've ever seen! And Thorin was intense, and kingly. I think he cribbed some notes from Aragorn somewhere down the line...

-I thought I'd hate the added scenes, because I can be a completely pedantic purist. But I ended up enjoying them more than I thought. Radagast the Brown was funny and sweet, and of course his sledge pulled by hares made me so happy. (Though I have a bone to pick with the CGI people--as a rabbit-pal I noticed the body language wasn't right, and the rabbits didn't move fast enough. But how many CGI people have rabbits in their home?)

-I also loved it that in Rivendell when the Guardians of Middle Earth had their kaffeklatch, Saruman just couldn't stop yakking while Gandalf and Galadriel were busy passing telepathic notes to each other. It was funnier than I'm sure it was meant to be.

-I'm glad they kept the singing in, but there should have been more songs. If you're stretching The Hobbit out to 3 movies, that's enough time for the Goblintown song, and there was none! Humph!

-It's not a Peter Jackson movie without lots and lots and lots and LOTS of running, fighting, dangling over precipices, chopping, slicing, hacking, dodging big rocks, more running, more dodging, and general mayhem. I always like that a lot, but sometimes it gets too much, like in King Kong. This time it wasn't so much it got boring, but it was getting uneasily close...

-I wish they'd stuck to the book more when Thorin's Company ran into the trolls. There were some wonderful lines in that section that we never got to hear, as well as some great bickering. But I think for someone unfamiliar with The Hobbit, it would have been quite funny enough.

-Gollum was appropriately creepy, but we'd already had a chance to get used to him being a gibberwailing thing with his flailing and shrieking...but Bilbo hadn't, yet. He was pretty freaked out in the film, but in the books he was even more unnerved and afraid. I wouldn't have minded seeing more of that.

-And dammit, we never got the Goblin song about "Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees". Double humph. Instead, there was Stumpy the Irritated Orc leering at everybody while there was more dangling over precipices, fighting, yelling, hacking, chopping, running, dodging, and general mayhem. Where's my Goblin songs? I WANT MY GOBLIN SONGS!!

...Sooooo, there you are, a nice spoily list of what I thought of The Hobbit. I think you'll agree it would be vastly improved with Goblin songs, but it's still very seeable. Just don't expect *too* much faithfulness to the book, but if you've seen Lord of the Rings, you're already used to the tweaking.
Anyway, I want the other two movies now...humph humph humph!!
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Well. It's properly winter now. Humph.

At least at the new place I have a lot less to shovel out. I'm intensely grateful for that. Meanwhile, here's another Brief List of Unrelated Things...

-I've been knitting my fingers off, making things for other people. Though last night I finished some kind of handspun-freestyle huge cowl-thing, just for fun. Now I have enough time this week to finish a fluffy thing for another pal, who doesn't know it's coming. Heh heh hehhhh...

-I have egg nog in my coffee. Awesome.

-Oddly enough, I'm mostly done with all my gift-buying; just a little fine-tuning now. And this year, the shopping is *much* less stressful, for a variety of reasons.

-Even though the Wee Orca has a huge winter coat on, I've been placing a nice hot-water bottle in his hutch, for a little extra warmth. I'm not sure how he feels about it yet, but I have no doubt he'll be snuggling it by the end of the week. He also has this new game now, where he tries to herd Matt's kitties into the hallway and down the stairs. Then when they flee in consternation, he does a victory lap around my ankles, kicking his heels up. Heh. Rabbits are so good.

-My work at the Mines is well...work. I've been getting through okay, though I've been worried about a coworker friend. And my patience vaccilates wildly with some of my other cow-irkers. They can get irksome. VERY irksome. *shudder*

-Soon I'm taking some time off, just to appreciate things properly. I'll be in the house, making fluffy stuff and drinking cocoa and such. It'll be so good...

So, there you are...
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*blows kiss*

Have a wonderful birthday, Mcohenmn! Lots of people love you, and I'm lucky to be one of them. Muah!
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When I need a break from working and spinning and knitting and whatnot, sometimes I have this terrible, terrible craving for dollhouse dioramas. I enjoy making them, even though a lot of them are made of found objects and the perspective can get a little weird. Here is the bedroom of my Dame Darcy ghost doll, Amica Crazyhorseford, and the spellroom of a larger diorama that's still in progress...

dollhouse 002
dollhouse 004
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*Watches the rain coming down*

I'm actually kind of glad to see the rain. Besides the fact that it's rain and not snow. Heh.

Meanwhile, I keep waking up in the new place after dreaming I still wasn't finished packing at the old Maushaus. I keep dreaming of extra rooms full of stuff that needed to be packed. Then I wake up, confused and shaken. I guess the new place still hasn't sunk into my bones yet. I just don't get it--I love it here. My rabbit is happy, I have lots of room to putter, there are cats to pet and a beautiful back yard. The sinks work, the tub is awesome. I guess my subconscious is just stubborn or something...

Anyway, November. Here's hoping the snows hold off just a little longer...
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Hang in there, beloved east-coast friends! We Midwesterners are watching and fretting, like we do...
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I'm looking forward to rummaging around in my clothes, finding floofy things to wear. Choices and decisions, decisions and choices! I also bought more glitter makeup, some fake blood, and little cute fake bats to put in the front porch. They look stunningly cute. I must take photos...

Otherwise, things are fine. Lots of knitting and spinning lately--people have figured out here that they're getting a bit chilled, so they want knitted things. I've been a little swamped with thing people want me to knit, so I'm trying to find a balance. But the new place is a good, good place to putter around. I'm increasingly glad to be here. Not least when I hear gossip about my old place--sounds like the manager and the workmen just can't get a grip on whatever repairs they're doing over there. They keep leaving the faucets on and not locking the doors, which slam over and over at 3 am and scare my old downstairs neighbor. He suspects that my old place may be really, really haunted now that I'm not in it. I feel bad--apparently I kept all the bogles away while I was there, but now they're really annoyed and making their wishes known. Maybe I should send John the Neighbor a huge sage smudge...

But all in all, things are going pretty happily. And it's nice to see you all...

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