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Birthdate:Jan 8
Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America
I am also known as: Ms Maus, da Maus, Maus, Mausi, Mausi-Maus-Maus, Hey you, lady!

I live on a mysterious island full of tunnels and trees and beautiful cliffs. I was brought to this island in part by the magic of a broken-down spinning wheel the neighbors found in the basement of the house I now live in. I work at a museum in a silly clip-on tie to pay the bills. I knit, spin, paint, draw, read voraciously, and watch the river outside my window meander it's way south...I love the occasional Tiki party, and collect comics, skulls, and lots and lots of black yarn... I'm an accidental Urban Agrarian, an on-purpose Pagan, and an aging-gracefully Ethergoth.

I am Da Maus. And I can go anywhere. Including here, and here, and here!!!
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