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My friends and I are packing up today to go home. We're all in various stages of whining, "No WANNA!!" It's terrible. Matt and Erin are thinking of moving here, but they have the kitties to consider. I keep telling them getting Mr. Bun and Smacky through quarantine is easy--dress them up as babies and explain they have a medical condition that makes them hairy with funny eyes. I'm sure Mr. Bun would dress up pretty cutely in a bonnet and a one-sy. Hehhehheh...

We all had a goodbye swim this morning in the surf. I saw a real live in-the-wild eel swimming around, and it freaked me out a little. (Part of me was afraid that it would sense all the unagi I've eaten over the years and take it's revenge for all Eelhood:) But it just went it's eel-way, chomping it's eel chomps in a way that is particularly nerve-wracking for Minnesotans... But I felt better almost immediately when one of the sea turtles swam within 2 feet of me on it's way to a warm bask on the rocks. I's stick one in my luggage, but I think it would be unhappy in my bathtub and if I let him swim in the lakes the snapping turtles would be mean to him. It's wrong to hug the turtles...but I kinda want to... Bad Maus. We also saw these huge spiders in their webs, and cheepy birds of all descriptions, and the occasional mongoose skittering from bush to bush. I saw geckoes hiding under leaves. There's so much LIFE here, it just amazes me sometimes. And yet most of it seems fairly benign--not many biting insects or anything like that. I feel like I'm stuck between the pages of National Geographic...

So, what am I bringing back from my vacation? Lessee here...a tiki, some goofy keychains, a pound of coffee, several books about tiki culture and spooky goings on and volcanoes, new summery aloha clothes, some black and red dragon pillowcases,a ton of freckles, the beginnings of a tan, and a heap of Lush bath goop. Oh yeah, and nerves that are a lot farther away from being all jangled and tense. Yay meeeee!!!

Now I get to goof off a while before I have to go home. But it's not such a bad thing, to go home... but it's gonna be so hard to leave Hawaii to do it. I have to come back soonish. Meanwhile maybe I can stick a bunch of bamboo all around my apartment and play lots of weird rockabilly surf music....
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Wasabi is spicy, inari is sweet, how many sushis can the Mausi-maus eat? One and two and three and four and five and six and seven and more!!!!

I think it's the Japanese reggae music in the background that really makes this funny.

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