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Even though there's about a million things I could do at home today, I'm goofing off at a friend's house with the computer. All work and no play make Maus a dull girl...

Actually, I've been going through the Ikea catalog and redoing my kitchen in my head. This means a few things would have to be stored, I think...including the goofy Tim-Burtonesque chair I have all my scarves and coats and hats on. I'd originally rescued it from the free pile by the dumpster at my apartment complex. It's huge, wouldn't be a bad thing to store. It's always a little heart-wrenching to figure out where to keep all your favorite stuff. And what to toss. And what you hate, but kept anyway because of gift-guilt or sentiment or just not getting around to tossing it. I've been slowly, bit by bit, going through a lot of my stuff and throwing away things that don't work for me anymore. And when I don't, my apartment nags at me a little sometimes. (It's a small place, so one thing out of whack makes the entire place crowded. But I love it very much. I get a little defensive about it sometimes because it *is* a small place, and people have commented on can they not? But at first, it was the best I could do. And now I've grown to really like my weird apartment with the city view out the window and the big tub and the crossbreeze in the summer. So I've been trying to compromise lately by wrestling with the Gordian knot of storage...)

Storage, organization, sorting...I need more of it. I did get some great hat-boxes for stashing lots of my yarn, so the Great Pile of Mohair Tribbles can no longer hog all the living-room space. I am very proud of giving the Tribbles a new and stylish home by the spinning wheel. Now I just need to figure out the rest over time...and maybe grab a storage cube in the basement for woodworking stuff and old boxes of things I don't need right away. Like my old drawing table. And my Tim-Burtony chair.

Until somebody starts giving out old Victorian houses. I'll take one! Pick me! Pick MEEEE!!!

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