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I'm never, ever ready for the new year. Not ever. But this year I'm trying harder to be accepting of a new chance to make decisions and try new things. This year I'm going to try to make the yarn business a better thing, and to write more often. Oddly enough, I've been writing all kinds of things all over Zuckerberg's Folly, which I still kind of loathe but most of my best and beloved pop up there, alas. I also thought seriously about self-publishing a small book about the dollhouse at the Mines and my extremely odd stories about it all, but I was shot down when I asked for permission. Which just means...I need my own dollhouse to write terrible stories about. Heh. Hehheheh...

Meanwhile, for most of my sweet knitting friends, here's a lovely photo of some yarn I just put up on my Etsy shop. It's just so cold out, all I want to do is make soft yarns and knit myself a cocoon until spring comes back to us all...Zebra, lotus 004
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It's been a while since i've posted--connection at the Cawfee shop was down, and the home computer's still waiting on it's broadband. But I'm borrowing a laptop for a bit, so... time to catch up!

Good Ideas/Bad Ideas...
Good Idea: Spend some quality time with the spinning wheel. At last I'm in good enough shape to play with it again.
Bad Idea: Not having some kind of lint brush for after...I was covered in mutlicolored lintyness when I was done.

Good Idea: Make a vow to go easy on the napping so I won't get too used to them when I go back to work.
Bad Idea: Take a nap anyway this afternoon...I'm not sorry.

Good Idea: Goof off in Targe't with the Queen of Stuff.
Bad Idea: Hide in the Chocolate Aisle. Okay, maybe this isn't so bad...

Good Idea: Relaxing with yarny goodness at home.
Bad Idea: Giving in to the obsession of the Mohair...*drools and eyes glaze*

Good Idea: Staying calm when it turns out my doctor didn't send off some paperwork I needed them to. Grrrr...
Bad Idea: Wrerstiling said doctor to the ground on my post-op checkup on Monday. I'm still too delicate for that kind of activity. *siiigh*

Good Idea: Making cute Gut-creatures for ScentedWoods and Annablume, because they deserve cuteness.
Bad Idea: Nope, can't think of a bad idea here:)

And that's me at the moment...

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