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I haven't been posting much lately...I put it down to a case of the Lazies.

Well, maybe not that lazy. I've been working and coming home and mowing the lawn or gardening a bit, catching up with all the neighbors, stuff like that. The weather's really good. And by the time I get inside, make some dinner, play with the Wee Orca and whatnot, I'm beat. And there's always something or other going on...

For example, Ben the Neighbor was doing his neighborly duty by hectoring me to go to Goth Prom last night. The conversation was long, and heated, with mock-angry looks and maniacal cackling going on from both sides. The short form went like this:

Ben: "Come to Goth Prom with me tonight!"
Me: "No."
Ben: "C'mon."
Me: "No."
Ben: "Don't be an old-fogey-Goth, come to Goth Prom!"
Me: "No! I'm old and tired, and got stuff to do. No."
Ben: "Take me to Goth Prom! You know you wanna!"
Me: "I have to work."
Ben: "So do I! Scare your cow-irkers with runny, 2am eyeliner!"
Me: "I said Noooooo! No is a complete sentence!"
Ben: "No, it isn't!"
Me: "Fine, whatever. Not. Going."
Ben: "Yes you are!"
Me: "Noooooo nononono, nonono, No and in conclusion, no!"

This kept up for roughly an hour and a half. I got out of it by promising to make cute little cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off for Friday night's patio. Extra dill. So I'm safe...but for how long?

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