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...I had an easy day at the Jade Mines yesterday, so I had enough energy to play with the spinning wheel a bit last night. I've got two bobbins of this lovely purplish stuff I spun with some blue and deeper purple high and lowlights, and some silver thread to give it some shine. I think when I get a chance I'll two-ply them together and see how it goes. I should take pictures; it's really nice stuff, like the color of purple grapes in old paintings:)

I'm trying my hand at making a little drop-spindle to keep the bigger one company. I made a little polymer-clay whorl and it's at home, waiting to be baked and glued onto the dowel I've cut to size. A little sanding and painting and I should have a nice-looking light spindle all ready for spinning. (I'm practicing so I can make my parental unit one; she mentioned she might like to try it sometime since I was making some neat stuff.)

Otherwise all is well...lately at the Jade Mines we've all been telling each other ghost stories. The Mines have at least 3 resident ghosts that we know of, and they're for the most part quiet and benevolent. Yesterday I spent some time at the Link swapping ghost-experiences with my cow-irker at the time, and this morning another guard and I went through all the haunted room telling each other about weird things that happened to us there.

So now I'm on a ghost kick, tell me your ghost stories. I demand ghost stories!!! Real, heard-of, urban-legend--I don't care, gimme gimme gimme!!! In return, later on I'll tell you some...

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