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Hi guys...been a while. Again. Heh. I keep being pulled away by all the other social media stuff. Which makes me kind of sad, because while it's clunky, there's much more running-room on LJ. Meh.

Anyway, it's getting to be the time of year when other knitters start loading up on yarns for autumn, so my too-quiet Etsy shop now has some requests for custom stuff. It's a relief. A lady out of the blue started emailing me because a coworker told her I buy fiber, and she has 17 alpacas she just sheared. 17! And my coworker's farmer side of the family keeps brushing their yaks and saving all the soft, fluffy stuff for me. If only I had more hands; if only I had more time!

So of course when I'm walking around the Mines, I dream of a workspace to process all this fiber. Maybe even investing in a small wool-mill, because there's only so much a drum-carder can do. So many local farmers pop up in my email, looking for someone, anyone to buy their wool and make something great with it. It's tempting to offer fiber-tutoring for some of the farmers, who love their beasties but have no idea what fiber people look for when they buy wool. I could teach them how to prep the stuff, find a mill or a spinner's group, all that sort of thing. Wouldn't hurt, might help...

Ah heck, I should just join the Textile Center. I keep meaning to. Bad Maus.

Meanwhile, yesterday was Shamu the Bunneh's birthday, but I was working all here's a belated bunneh picture for you!2, Shamu 005
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I seem to have sold some more yarn in the Etsy shop. To Australia--again. Terrible, terrible thing. Because now I have to make more yarn, see. Let's see, wherever will I get the fluff for all the pretty, pretty spinning I have to do?...

*Reaches into ginormous bag of fluff, absconded with from Shepherd's Harvest*

Heh. Heeeeehhehheh. HehhehbWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

*And the noises coming from the Rainy-Day Craftroom are more than a little frightening...*
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I should have put a green shamrock hat on Shamu or something...but what the hey, rabbit pictures are always seasonally appropriate, am I right?

Here he's on a red pouf, disapproving of my dark, shoddy photography:

And here is the skein I spun with Fleur's help the other night. Isn't it a sparkly thing?

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Bun Bun and spun yarn... Bun Bun and spun yarn...
"What is it? Can I eats it?"

Black and green yarn on a drop spindle Black and green yarn on a drop spindle
Drop spindles take more time, but they're much more portable than my spinning wheel... I spun this at Matt and Erin's house.

Yeah yeah, it's the one with Bun=Bun in it, isn't it? Such a ham, that one... He just wants to be in all the pictures, is that so wrong?!? Sheesh...

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