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My hot water heater just did me a huge favor--it waited until I was home and in the kitchen before it blew some kind of gasket and sprayed hot water all over my kitchen floor. If I hadn't been home, it would have kept leaking and leaking, right into my nice downstairs neighbor's bedroom. As it was, I teetered on my stepladder, trying to get the water lever down, and when that didn't work, I phoned my neighbor Peaty and yelled for help. Lucky me, he was home, and his huge farmer-hands had not trouble shutting off the water.

I just had Tom the nice handyman over to have a look. He tells me that everything should be okay until they can replace or fix the heater, no more leaks. Meanwhile, he'd really like to come and live on the Island too. He totally has my vote--between the smoke detector and the leaking toilet, Tom is my new, very bestest friend. I gave him some handspun yarn for his knitting girlfriend, and he'll call soon to let me know what they're going to do...

So, for now I have no hot water, and a damn clean kitchen floor. But I feel very lucky that it wasn't much, much worse...
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The last couple of days off have been a bit of hurry-up and wait...long bits of resting and sacking out with books, and frenzied running around at home Getting Things Done. Then more sacking out. And company!!! I had miss Fleur over for pizza and had the best time:) We played with my yarn stash and she showed me this beautiful sock she's working on. I showed her the goofy hat I was playing with and we geeked out very happily. Soon it will be nice and coolish out again, and I will have the oomph to knit more gut-creatures, since I don't have one in the house...not one!!

I did have other creatures, though. Yesterday I was cleaning up in the kitchen and saw a spider the size of my thumb--the body, not the whole thing. I shrieked and did my best Sigourney-Weaver with the broom, but I think it vanished down the heating vents. I eye them suspiciously now, even though I whacked that thing really hard several times. And this morning I discovered a blue-black wasp in my bathroom first thing in the morning. Again with the Defeat-the-alien techniques, this time using a broom, a paint roller, some soap, a scrunchie and the toilet. Soooo, I probably don't need coffee this morning. I know this sort of thing is just part of living in a state park, but sheesh...

...And it's worth it to sit on the patio furniture with Ben and Peaty and a candle. Ben brought out the laptop and showed me the video for Amy Winehouse's "Rehab', which I hadn't seen. Cooooool, man...

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