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Yeeees, it's been a while. But we've been updating my website, And there's some great stuff we've been playing with.

Otherwise, all is well. The yarn is still an obsession. Castle Greyskull is getting a new paint job and a garage. I plan to make an outdoor pizza oven this summer. The Mines are...well, the Mines. But things are manageable.

And I hope you all are well, too...
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I thought I'd check in a bit...I have a wicked headcold. Stuffy and horrible. I should post a bunch of new, exciting stuff, but my stuffy head feels like a David Lynch movie. I think I need a lie-down.

But I miss you all so...I'd give you all a big old hug and a kiss, but well, you know, the geeeeeeerms...

*hack hack hooey*
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...Mostly making things like this:P7080037

I felt like actually playing with some of the yarns I've been making this summer. And I'm very pleased by how they came out.

Otherwise...things happen. Sometime soon I should post the Saga of the C.H.U.D's for your amusement and entertainment. There's pictures. And city workmen giggling. If you see my Facebook, you already know all about it, but it would be fun in one big happy chunk of weirdness...
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There is a huge sinkhole in the road outside my house, growing and growing. I think it wants to eat somebody. I was thinking of putting up a sign next to it, saying, "Danger! Molemen!" and an arrow right next to the hole...

I have loads of fluff. Loads. And I bought 2 more balls of yarn today. I like to think of it as future insulation...

The Mines are still very, very Mine-y. So far, all we really hear are, "The beatings will continue until morale improves." Soooo, yeah.

There's loads of flowers outside. I keep adding more. It's beautiful.

There's also loads of stuff that needs doing. Now including that Moleman sign. I think I need a small vacation to get to it all.

But otherwise...things are doable.
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Originally posted by [ profile] mcohenmn at nomnomnom
Hello Shamu! Want some carrot greens?

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I'm never, ever ready for the new year. Not ever. But this year I'm trying harder to be accepting of a new chance to make decisions and try new things. This year I'm going to try to make the yarn business a better thing, and to write more often. Oddly enough, I've been writing all kinds of things all over Zuckerberg's Folly, which I still kind of loathe but most of my best and beloved pop up there, alas. I also thought seriously about self-publishing a small book about the dollhouse at the Mines and my extremely odd stories about it all, but I was shot down when I asked for permission. Which just means...I need my own dollhouse to write terrible stories about. Heh. Hehheheh...

Meanwhile, for most of my sweet knitting friends, here's a lovely photo of some yarn I just put up on my Etsy shop. It's just so cold out, all I want to do is make soft yarns and knit myself a cocoon until spring comes back to us all...Zebra, lotus 004
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This drawing room is the favorite of Mrs Tchotcke's younger sister, Kat Tchotcke. But don't let the opulent tea-gown fool you; she's one of those " modern adventuresses" we read about in the paper. She hunted and killed that mouse-rug, all on her own. Rumour also has it that she round-kicked a Duke for getting,"fresh"...Tchotcke Kat
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Apart from the designer babies, little Amity Tchotcke is the youngest of all the children. Her twin sisters call her, "Clammity", because they're horrible people. Years from now, Amity will be known as, "Calamity Tchotcke, girl sharpshooter" at Buffalo Ben's Tiny Wild west Extravaganza. But for now, she sits quietly with her doll and dreams of wearing cowboy hats...AmityTchotcke
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Here is the piano room of the Tchotcke house--well, one of the piano rooms. There's another one upstairs, so people can have duelling pianos if they wanted to. In the background is wee Emily Tchotcke, exiled for playing,"Fur Elise" one time too many...

Emily Tchotctke
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Hi folks! Sorry about the delay; it's been a rough week. But to make up for it, I have more odd little photos of what I call the Tchotcke family...

Of course,Livejournal is being stubborn about posting the photo. I tried it about six times now. Humph. I'll try it again later today. Meanwhile, how's things?
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Here is young master Pieter Tchotcke, dressing for dinner with his floozy girlfriend, Dahlia. You can tell she's a floozy, you can see her ankles! Pieter plans to break up with Dahlia soon, as he' secretly in love with the butler...

Tchotcke family Pieter and Daisy
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Here is the antique bathroom in the Tchotcke household...not seen in the photo is the creepy doll in the tub and the saw in the toilet tank...

Tchotcke family bathroom
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The Tchotcke house boasts many special rooms, including this gorgeous "man parlour". There was quite the party last night, so its quite a mess--scotch bottles, cigs and playing cards everywhere. Since the lord and lady of the house were all plotchkied upstairs, I'm not sure who had the shindig. But I suspect the butler was involved...

Tchotcke family man parlour
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Here's a photo of miss Merideth Tchotcke, in the dollhouse at the Mines. She's gotten into the Nyquil again, and is hallucinating flying elves...this happens more often than not.

Tchotcke family hallucinate
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Hello again, my darlings! I've been having computer issues for a while, so things have been reaaaaaally quiet. But to make up for it, I have a series I've been playing with on Facebook lately. There is a beautiful dollhouse at the Jade Mines, and I've been making up stories about it all. I call the tiny family who lives there, "The Tchotcke Family"...

Tchotcke family mr & mrs

Here's Mr and Mrs Tchotchke in their lovely mansion at the MIA, happily guzzling their second bottle of champagne. The Mrs is feeling it for sure, slowly slumping down the sofa...
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I had a grooming morning with Shamu the Bunneh...He put up with everything but trimming the last few toenails. *sigh.* But Matt got a few great pictures during and after...IMG_20130921_112234_522

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Just back for a peek. A quick peek. I've been busy, and sick, and busy again...

There's lots to talk about, too. but not at the moment. I do plan to ramble on a bit, here and there.
And I love you all very much...
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Hi guys...been a while. Again. Heh. I keep being pulled away by all the other social media stuff. Which makes me kind of sad, because while it's clunky, there's much more running-room on LJ. Meh.

Anyway, it's getting to be the time of year when other knitters start loading up on yarns for autumn, so my too-quiet Etsy shop now has some requests for custom stuff. It's a relief. A lady out of the blue started emailing me because a coworker told her I buy fiber, and she has 17 alpacas she just sheared. 17! And my coworker's farmer side of the family keeps brushing their yaks and saving all the soft, fluffy stuff for me. If only I had more hands; if only I had more time!

So of course when I'm walking around the Mines, I dream of a workspace to process all this fiber. Maybe even investing in a small wool-mill, because there's only so much a drum-carder can do. So many local farmers pop up in my email, looking for someone, anyone to buy their wool and make something great with it. It's tempting to offer fiber-tutoring for some of the farmers, who love their beasties but have no idea what fiber people look for when they buy wool. I could teach them how to prep the stuff, find a mill or a spinner's group, all that sort of thing. Wouldn't hurt, might help...

Ah heck, I should just join the Textile Center. I keep meaning to. Bad Maus.

Meanwhile, yesterday was Shamu the Bunneh's birthday, but I was working all here's a belated bunneh picture for you!2, Shamu 005
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I spent some time with Matthew wrangling Shamu, the Littlest Orca. Grooming an angora rabbit can often be a two-person job, especially when he's wiggly and endearing and a little skittish. It went easiest when Matt was clipping and I was petting and cooing at him. We got enough angora off to knit an extra rabbit, and Shamu is recovering his dignity in the other room...
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Shamu the Bunneh is starting his power-shedding again. But he's always a pretty happy little guy, for all his poofiness...

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