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Liz and Nick had their pre-wedding pig-roast cookout this afternoon. It was a great day even with all the rain, and kids and dogs frolicked everywhere with wet abandon. There was pig. So much pig. There were cupcakes. So many cupcakes. Vanilla. Chocolate. Kettle corn ones. French toast ones with bacon on the top. Strawberry rhubarb. So. many...

I didn't try them all, but I wanted to. And then there were the French macaroons. We had so many Liz gave a few to the Segway tour that buzzed the party. Cherry chili. Salt Caramel. Basil Mint. Chocolate, vanilla with chocolate, and just more delicious yum than I can even think about anymore...

*happy sigh*

Now I'm going to take a hot bath and a giant nap. And do more of this festive wedding eating tomorrow...
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I'm a little pleased and a little startled at the same time by the new glo-lite thing I bought to keep the pretty little solar lights company. I bought it to be a smart-ass, since I was getting jokes about making the back yard look like an Avatar set. It's really neat, just really, I'll have to see if I can get a good picture of it in the dark.

Otherwise things are swell. I keep getting cleaned out of all my Gothy-goth-goth yarns at my Etsy shop. The Zombie Prom Dress yarn I had up only lasted two days. Two days, people! And the more recent Bathory is out the door too now. Which means I must buckle down seriously and make more, more yarns of the dark and the spooky. which will make me giggle maniacally while treadling, and there will be scary music playing, and Shamu the Bunneh will frolic around the wheel while I'm working, because he's weird like that. Must...make...more!!!

I just have to get through the long Thursday first...
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It took 6 buckets of scavenged marble, and lots of digging, and some dancing around in the mud, but the patio is done! I'd show you a picture, but I'm letting all the mud I put down dry for a while first. (It doesn't look bad, exactly, just...muddy. Really really muddy. When it's dry I'll take a broom to it so people can see the stones.)

I'm a lot less sore than I thought I'd be, too. Again, this is a source for joy...
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I think I've decided I am indeed not sane in the head. I started my small patio-project yesterday afternoon. What was I thinking?

For starters, when I started to shovel and level out the patio area, I kept hitting tree roots. Well of course, there's a big honkin' tree right over the patio! It made it really hard to get the anchoring bricks to go deep enough, so many of them are higher than I'd like. But it's as deep as they go, because there's huge tree roots everywhere...meh!

Then of course I run out of the pretty scavenged stuff to put in the middle. Which means I have to scavenge more. With my little blue bucket. I think perhaps two more trips ought to cover it. Meh.

And of course, since I'm in the middle of the project, I feel self-conscious about the yard looking all muddy and torn-up. I shouldn't fret, really. I can finish the patio up today, because all the really hard stuff is all done now. But-but-but, what will the neighbors think? Meh...

I am really proud of all the work I did, but I hope the end result isn't a total trainwreck. Ah well...worst comes to worst, I can put down grass seed. A lot of grass seed. Meh...
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Work is all workity even more than usual I've been treasuring the patio...

My days off have been filled with the back yard patio (pronounced,"paysheo")and it's transformation into something really nice. I'm takng a really deep breath and *gasp* putting down stones under the table and chairs. Right now it's just a dirt circle, with kind of scraggly grass. But I have plans. Horrible, horrible plans...

See, there's this old secret dumping ground for an ancient stone-carving business, and when they didn't like what they were carving, they just chucked it over an embankment into the river. I've been scavening promising-looking pieces for the back yard. The stones are grade-A stuff--alabaster, red granite, black slate, some kind of deep black-green stuff. It's easy to get greedy in the scavenging...I filled a bucket full of nice pieces of rock and could barely carry it home. (Memo to myself: Greed is heavy. There's a lesson there, somewhere...)

So, this weekend I'm going to level the ground a bit, spread out some sand, lay out the rocks and add some pretty stones I already voila--a proper little patio. I'm insane, really I am, but I'm looking forward to all this:)


Apr. 8th, 2010 07:18 am
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Last week Peaty pruned some branches off his plum and apricot trees, and gave me some to put in a vase. Now they're blooming, with sweet white flowers. It's really beautiful...

And those little blue flowers I always love and can't remember the name for are popping up all over the place. Spring, I've missed you so much!!
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I got a chance to hang out a bit on the Patio with Ben, Peaty and Phil for a while this evening. It always feels just right, being out there and watching the clouds soar overhead and listening to all the birds. Annablume came over for a bit as well, to interview me in my capacity as Rogue Docent for a class she was taking. She even brought over beer, darling woman that she is... We both enjoyed ourselves immensely.

I think this summer I'm going to find some little solar lanterns to stick in the trees and the lilac bushes, so we can have some kind of beautiful glowy lights out there without the fire hazard to the trees. I love the Patio so much...
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No, not that kind. Gail and I were having a little supper on the Patio, and this big, pretty bird wandered over to the parking lot. "Is that one of Peat's?" Gail asked me. I thought it might be at first, because it was pretty tame--we took turns throwing it bread crumbs, which it gobbled up. Then another neighbor drove up, and said,"Hey look--it's that wild turkey again!"

Turns out it's this juvenile turkey that just likes hanging out by the chicken coop. The neighbors have been tossing out extra feed to keep it around, since it's so beautiful. I love living on the Island so very, very much when stuff like this happens...
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I had a very low-key day at the Jade Mines, did some quicky shopping on the way home, and after unpacking the tasty, tasty foods I went outside to meet the new baby goats Peaty brought home. I found my neighbor Rocky in the chicken coop, snuggling the little frail one with the bad front legs to his chest, while the slightly older one was happily chewing things and climbing onto big branches and maaaa-ing. (Their names are Mame, for the little one and Vera for the larger one.) Mame was sat on by her mother, so she's getting a little rehab from Peaty and the other goat foster-moms. I think I may end up on that list myself... So. Unbearably. Cute... The larger goat was really eager about eating all the dandelions I could bring her, and seemed kind of hypnotized when I petted her soft little flanks...

And of course there's pictures...

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I came home last night and hung out with Ben the Neighbor and Peaty for a while by the chicken coop. Ben had a half-resigned and annoyed, half amused look on his face when I got there. "What's up?" I asked, oh-so innocently. Peaty replied, "I'm getting TWO baby goats--tomorrow!!!" Ben sighed and said, "I never said you could have two, Peat." This went on for the better part of two hours while I made ginger lemonade and wolfed down crackers and cheese for dinner... We were joking that I'd knit the new babies winter coats and churning goat butter in the front yard. (Probably true. I want to be stern about this, but I know I'm going to melt into goo the first time I pet one. *facepalm*) I had to take away my new flick comb for wool from the Peat as he tried to give his hair a going over with it, and then he scurried off to make a bed for his new charges over by the coop.

Our little Urban Agrarian fambly just gets bigger and more exciting. At least he didn't come home with two peacocks and a baby yak...yet...

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