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Good thing: I've been very helpful this weekend with Union stuff for workies...
Bad thing: I am pretty burned out on Union stuff, and so is my other steward. Lotsa reasons. Urgh.

Good thing: Work is chugging along, and I'm not directly involved in drama.
Bad Thing: I am indirectly involved in a whole bunch of drama, with no end in sight. Meh.

Good thing: I sold more yarn yesterday...lots more! Hoohah!
Other Good Thing: I have to make more yarns to put in the shop. Oh, boohoo...
Bad thing: I really could use some more time to get all this making done.

Good thing: The garden is perking up, and we had an impromtu Patio yesterday, with tea and brie.
Bad thing: It makes my fingers itch at all the ways I could fix up the yard. (See, "time")

Good thing: Shamu is a happy creature with a really glorious coat right now, super-fluffy...
Other good thing: Molting is right around the corner for him!
Bad thing: This means when he starts to shed like crazy I have to give him a haircut, or take him to the nice groomer down by St. Anthony. Yes, a Hare-cut. I beat you to it so you couldn't say it yourself. I suck like that...

So there you are, for good or ill:)

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