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I went out with a couple of friends yesterday shopping, which was tiring but fun...(I'm still not quite 100 percent yet, but trying hard.) One of the things that Had To Be Bought was a nice big schlocky book on Vampires. To keep all the other vampire books at home company, you understand; they get restless when they get lonely...

So that's what I've been reading this morning...Again, fairly schlocky stuff, but lately I've been all about the schlock. It's kinda silly when you've read enough vampire history and literature to start slapping around another book saying thins like, "You idiot, John Polidori ripped off Byron for all he was worth; not the other way around!" At seven in the morning, no less. Before coffee. All this downtime is making me maaad, Maaaad I tell ya...

At least I have still more art therapy...Captain emily dropped off more thrift-store baby dolls for me to alter. One has a voice box and cries in this horrible wavery voice. I've been painting it candy-apple red and figuring out how I want the mohawk to look. Hehhehhehhhh...I still have to put up a couple of pictures a friend took of her finished doll, but it's just too early right now. Sooooo sleeeeeepy...

*looks at schlocky book*
Vampires! Vampires everywhere! Vampires vampires Vampires!!!

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